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Foxtrot - a smooth "walking" dance that travels around the dance floor 

Waltz - a graceful traveling dance characterized by its rise and fall

Viennese Waltz - similar in character to waltz but danced to a much faster tempo 

Tango - a dramatic traveling dance with its origin in Argentina

East Coast Swing - born in the Big Band era, an original American dance form 

West Coast Swing - typically danced to R&B music, the state dance of California

Rumba - known as the Latin dance of love, characterized by its sensual hip action

Bolero - a slow, romantic dance combining characteristics of waltz, rumba, and tango 

Cha Cha - a fast latin dance characterized by Cuban motion  and syncopated beat

Mambo -  A.K.A Salsa! this original Cuban dance gave birth to the Cha Cha

Samba - a bouncy  traveling Latin dance with a Brazilian origin

Merengue - this fun, easy Latin dance is the national dance of the Dominican Republic

Hustle - born in the disco era of the 70's, still danced today to contemporary nightclub music

Nightclub Two Step - a simple, romantic dance designed for contemporary soft rock

American Style Smooth, Rhythm & Nightclub Dances

Learntadance Dance Studio utilizes the DVIDA® Syllabus for teaching.  It is recognized as one of the approved syllabi of the National Dance Council of America

Visit Dancevision.com and view the DVIDA Syllabus